ASC Credit Application

Accurate Safety Compliance

ASC Credit Application

We truly appreciate your interest in setting up an account with Accurate Safety Compliance and look forward to doing business with you and/or your company.

Application Process

Request for credit begins with the completion of our Credit Application and we have streamlined our process to make your experience as smooth as possible.  The sensitive information collected in the process is completely confidential and will not be shared with any unnecessary organiztions, outifits, or institutions!  

This information is procured by our Credit Department in order to make educated decisions in setting the credit terms and conditions of your account request.  It is intended as a direct source of information and its substance and quality will be carefully reviewed.  This application also extends the information gathering process by seeking the applicant's Company Information, Bank Information and Trade References.  Financial statements should not be needed but in some cases we may request financial statements in order to assist in corroborating information provided by the applicant by verifying inaccuracies or questionable information.

All accounts will only be opened after receiving and evaluating a satisfactory Credit Application.  A complete application will help tremendously with the process.

A Credit Application serves the following purposes:

  • Information gathering tool
  • Assessment tool to determine amount and duration of credit
  • Collection tool
  • Legal document that binds the applicant to ASC Terms & Conditions
  • Enforcement tool
  • Monitoring tool


  1. All invoices are to be paid within 30 days from the date of invoice.  At any time that an amount is due us, we shall have the right, without prior notice, to set off and apply any amount otherwise owed by us to you, to any amounts owed to us by you, in all cases.
  2. Applicant agrees that we may establish a credit line for use and that your credit purchases at any one time will not exceed the amount of credit line established by us.  We reserve the right to reduce or terminate your credit line at any time.  Increases to your credit line are at the sole discretion of ASC and may only be made after a request for an increase is received and credit worthiness deemed acceptable.
  3. In the event of default (unpaid invoices, false or misleading statements, bankruptcy, breach of terms of this agreement), we reserve the right to demand that the entire unpaid balance be paid immediately and/or charge your credit card on file for any unpaid balance.  If you are in default and we refer your account to an attorney and/or collection agency for collection, you will be responsible to pay the costs associated with such collection and late fees.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement/Account, as it relates to future purchases, at any time, without default.  You will remain obligated to pay for all purchases made prior to cancellation and any charges associated with these purchases.
  5. Applicant agrees to pay in U.S. dollars for all purchase, late fees, return check charges, and other charges or fees under this Agreement incurred by you or any User, plus collection costs, court costs and reasonable attorney fees.  All disputes must be received by written notice within seven business days of receipt of invoice and prior to payment.
  6. By completing the below ASC Credit Application you are agreeing to all of the content on this page and are also agreeing to all ASC Terms & Conditions.


  • ASC has full permission to check with the applicant's bank/financial institution and trade references, not just at the time of setting up the initial account but also from time to time if needed.
  • If ASC needs to check the personal credit history of any individual or principal then ASC would require their permission in writing.  If ASC makes provisions for 'Personal Guarantee' then ASC would ensure that your state/provincial laws do not require that to be notarized and as a separate addendum.
  • Statement that upon signing the information that has been provided is certified to be true and correct and that it will be used and based to make the credit decision.
  • Applicant will be bound by the terms and conditions on the Credit Application whether on the front or reverse, in writing, through email, or website.
  • ASC website application and digital signatures will be deemed as original and as legal and binding as a handwritten application.


  • Make certain to review this application carefully and be as thorough as possible when completing it
  • All fields with a red *asterik are required fields
  • The Captcha on this form have been implemented in order to distinguish human from machine input, as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from our website and are intended for security purposes only!
  • If you currenlty have a Credit Reference Letter/Form that you would like to submit instead of completing sections 1-4 then please upload (PDF only) by clicking the Browse button at the top of the Credit Application?! If you choose this option then please know, there are still requred fields that you MUST still complete including all Captcha for each section. in order to complete the credit application process.*
ASC Credit Application
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