Employee Benefits

Accurate Safety Compliance

Employee Benefits

Accurate Safety Compliances core objective is to simply take care of our people and we make that commitment to each and every one of our employees.   We strive to offer a competitive compensation package, and performance-driven incentives, along with other unmatched intangibles.

Health and Wellness

Medical, Dental and Vision Plans

ASC has truly set out to offer a plan that will not only provide the essential health benefits, but to also offer an exceptional plan that will help ASC retain and attract talent. 

The most notary piece of our plan is that ASC pays 50% of the W-2 Employee portion of Health Insurance with three different deductible plans to choose from.

We do not offer to pay any portion of our 1099 Contractors health care plans.

Wellness Programs

ASC has company-organized fitness challenges, such as incentivized weight-loss challenges, Mud Factor 5K Obstacle Runs, and health and lifestyle coaching.

Sick and Personal Leave 

Each employee receives paid sick leave each year for illness, non-work-related injury, and care of immediate family, as well as paid time for funeral leave and paid time for jury duty.

Employee Assistance Program

ASC offers counseling and referral services for a broad range of personal and family issues.


Bonus Plan

Based on the company’s performance, bonuses may be awarded during the year to recognize employees in all job functions, working as a team for the company’s success.

Education Assistance Program

ASC reimburses tuition and books for employees pursuing professional education opportunities.

Quality of Life


We observe all federal holidays throughout the year as well as time off during the winter holiday season. These include New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Employees enjoy a paid vacation upon joining the company, and are offered additional time off as years of service increase. 

Comfortable Workplace

We have created a fun, loving, family atmosphere here at ASC.  We understand that people have lives outside of their careers and we do our very best to work with each and every individual accordingly.

Our corporate office and field office locations are business casual dress during the week with casual Fridays. We provide top notch personal protective gear to all field employees working in our company.


401(k) Retirement Plan

Full-time employees are eligible to participate in our retirement plan.

Company Match

We match up to 4 percent of an employee’s own contribution to their account.

Retirement Planning Assistance 

401(k) plans require employees to be involved in their retirement decisions and we offer retirement-preparation specific planning advice, and one-on-one individual investment advice.

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