HAZWOPER All Levels (Awareness, 8, 24, 40 Hours)

Accurate Safety Compliance

HAZWOPER All Levels (Awareness, 8, 24, 40 Hours)

HAZWOPER Operations Level

Length: 8 Hour 

Note: This course may be modified to meet specific customer training needs and be conducted in multiple training sessions.  A minimum of 4 hours per session is required for students.


  • This program covers all workers that may be involved in Defensive operations related to HAZWOPER.
  • The material and training for this course is covered under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120(q) and is required for responders to hazardous materials incidents
  • This course is a class room setting with group exercise scenarios


The purpose of this program is to ensure the safety of all workers and comply with federal and state requirements that pertain to Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

Course Topics:

  • Identify your role as a First Responder, Operations Level individual
  • Be familiar with the elements of an Emergency Response Plan
  • Use common hazmat terms and know their definitions
  • Select specialized chemical PPE
  • Know your role within the Incident Command System
  • Establish control zones
  • Be familiar with decontamination procedures
  • Perform basic hazard and risk assessment
  • Use the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
  • Complete a Chemical Inventory and use the NIOSH Pocket Guide to evaluate Chemicals
  • Work in group exercise and conduct hazard assessment using the 3 step process

Reference: 29CFR1910.120 Appendices A thru E. (CPL 2-2.51)

Student Materials:                                         

  • NIOSH Pocket Guide CD
  • Student Workbook

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:12

Prerequisites: None

Frequency: Annual 8 hour refresher course

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