Safety Stations

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Safety Stations

Safety StationsDo you need a place in the field to sit down and cool off? How about a place to do your paperwork or even eat your food out of the elements? What happens if you get splashed with chemicals, where do you go to wash them off?

There is a rapidly growing demand for field personnel to have an emergency or first aid area and a place to go cool down or warm up in the temperature extremes we work in every day. You are seeing more and more cooling trailer’s in the field during the summertime, which is great because we provide those as well, but we wanted to go above and beyond your typical set-up and be compliant in the process.

We have developed a comprehensive self contained Safety Trailer.  The masses are calling this trailer a "Shower Trailer" or an "Emergency Trailer" but we have Tradmarked it as the Safety Station! It offers not only cool air for the summer, but also warm air for the winter, along with an emergency eye wash/shower station, extra ppe, first aid supplies, an AED, and a Fire Extinguisher.

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