Sponsorship and Marketing Requests

Accurate Safety Compliance

Sponsorship and Marketing Requests

Accurate Safety Compliance truly believes in the power of partnerships and that effective Sponsorship and Marketing engages the customer, brings the brand to life, and generates a meaningful message between company and consumer.

Our Sponsorship and Marketing Program aims to build long-term healthy relationships by selectively supporting those that amplify and align with the ASC Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values.  ASC proactively seeks partnerships with appropriate strategic partners and welcomes all to submit unsolicited Sponsorship and Marketing Requests.

We are proud supporters of many different Schools, Teams, Events, Vendors, Manufacturers, Companies and Organizations in all industries and communities, and we would be honored to explore your interest and/or request in becoming a Partner of ASC.

In assessing these requests, we evaluate the overall opportunity, its media value, and the impact of the program on a local/regional/national/global basis, how it fits with our marketing brand strategies and general sponsorship guidelines, the ability for ASC to support the program, and its impact on the communities in which we serve.

Our portfolio has Sponsorship and Marketing in the areas of:

  • Vendor Partnerships
  • Manufacturer Distribution
  • OEM Distribution
  • Direct Manufacturer Dealer Deals
  • Youth Sports
  • High School Sports
  • Professional Sports
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Child Development
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Industry Events
  • Contests
  • Contestants
  • Festivals
  • Christian Church Organizations
  • Community Events and Awareness
  • Fundraisers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Health Initiatives

In consideration of the number of marketing, advertising, sponsorship, donation, and partnership requests we receive, we do have some established general sponsorship guidelines to follow in order to streamline these requests and make them legitimate.  These guidelines must be followed in order for ASC to consider your request!  Although most requests we receive are worthy causes, we only support a small portion of the total number received.

General Sponsorship and Marketing Partnership Guidelines

  • Organizations are eligible for one ASC Sponsorship and Marketing Partnership per calendar year
  • ASC support of your organization in the past does not guarantee future support of your event
  • Organizations seeking Sponsorship and Marketing support should be responding to an identifiable industry, community, personal, event, or institutional need or interest and demonstrate how the event or project will build relationships in ASC offerings
  • ASC reserves the right to select or reject requests at our discretion
  • Requests will only be considered when applied through our online request form at least 60 days prior to event or project date
  • ASC will evaluate Organizations ethics, social responsibility, brand reputation, values, public perception and history with other partners

If your event, project, or program aligns with the above criteria, please fill out the online Sponsorship and Marketing Request Form in the link below.  Our sponsorship team evaluates requests immediately upon receipt and will advise with any questions or concerns, or as soon as a decision is reached.

The following types of requests are outside of our guidelines and will not be considered for partnership:

  • Requests from call centers
  • Requests from anonymous people asking for the CEO or the Owner
  • Requests from political organizations
  • Requests from 3rd parties to raise funds for a charity
  • Request for multi-year commitments
  • Requests for support outside of our service areas

To apply for a sponsorship, please fill out our Sponsorship and Marketing Request Form

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