Eyewear Fit Testing

Why Eyewear Fit Testing?

In America's increasingly diverse workforce, it is more important than ever to outfit individuals with properly fitting safety eyewear. Employers should beware of the one-size-fits-all approach that has plagued the workforce for decades and instead should consider the advanced materials, customizable features, and modern styles that deliver the fit and protection every individual deserves. By making informed eyewear selections, employers not only improve employee comfort, productivity and safety, but they also significantly reduce the risk of costly eye injuries.

ASC provides an Eyewear Fit methodology that enables a measured evaluation of fit, that can be conducted without the involvement of an optician. When it comes to eyewear, a comfortable, well-fitted workforce is likely to be more effective and certainly more compliant with eyewear protection standards.

One Size Does Not Necessarily Fit All

A style that provides a snug, gap-free fit for one worker may be an ill-fitting and hazardous choice for another.

If your workforce includes a mix of men and women from different ethnic backgrounds, one size or style of eyewear will most likely not provide the appropriate eye protection needed.  New designs in eyewear based on in-depth research of facial profiles have led to cutting-edge styles that fit up to 85 percent of workers right out of the box, with no adjustments required!  What about the rest of the workforce?

While advances in both national safety standards and the manufacture of safety eyewear have had a positive impact on incidentrates, room for improvement still exists.  Awareness about the impact of ill-fitting eyewear is growing, and in recent years special attention has been given to addressing the fitting requirements of today's diverse workforce.  In-depth research and development have led to refined eyewear designs that take into account differences in the height, width, or location of cheekbones, nose bridges, and ears, as well as overall head size and shape.

Finding the Proper Fit

Sizable gaps between an individual's face and eyewear, which allow debris to enter the eye area, are a leading cause of eye injuries.  Do not wait until eye injuries reach an unacceptable level before making changes to your safety eyewear policy and recognize the value of ensuring the best-fitting eyewear for each individual from the start.  Personal fit testing across the workforce is an effective way to ensure that the maximum allowable gap is not exceeded.

Once fit testing has been conducted, a good place to start is by considering eyewear with adjustability features.  Adjustments at the temples can help to close facial gaps and provide a customizable fit. Some ratcheting temples also can adjust the lens angle for optimal coverage and air circulation. New hybrid eyewear designs offer interchangeable temples, headbands, and sealed options for increased, gap-free performance similar to that of a goggle.

Other alternatives for improved fit include styles with advanced materials or designs. For instance, eyewear with a flexible or fingered nosepiece can conform to various nasal profiles to help fit an array of nose bridge sizes. To eliminate sore spots and slipping, look for padded temples that provide ideal tension and flex, as well as cushioning delicate areas around the ears. If eyewear is to be worn in combination with other forms of PPE, a thin temple profile will cut down on bulk and sore spots underneath hard hats. Another design option to consider is a flexible brow bar atop floating lenses, which can ensure an accurate, gap-free fit without compromising peripheral optics.


Does your company have a sizable amount of female employees?  If so, then Eyewear Fit Testing is perfect for your company!!!

Despite the fact that women make up nearly half of the labor force, sometimes they remain an overlooked segment of the protective eyewear market.  In order to meet the unique fit requirements of female workers, whose heads tend to be smaller and narrower than men's, we need to provide styles that are available in slim or small sizes.  Adjustability and flexibility features also will help women achieve a more secure, gap-free fit for all-day protection and comfort.

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