Gas Detection Calibration, Service, and Repair

Gas Detection Calibration, Service, and RepairHave you or your company been sold a gas monitor, only to find out later that the there is no support from your vendor?  Do you have a 4-Gas Monitor that is giving you an error code?  Whether your equipment is damaged or simply in need of a service or calibration, we offer competitive rates and quick turnaround times! 

Why Gas Detection?

Gas detection and monitoring instruments and devices are designed to protect personnel from known and unknown atmospheric hazards that potentially exist in workplace environments, including but not limited to Hot Work Operations, Plant Services, Confined Spaces, Construction Sites, Flowback Jobs, Workover Rigs, and Drilling Rigs.  


It is imperative to worker safety that all Gas Detection instrumentation receives consistent maintenance and service along with intervallic calibration to ensure devices are operating correctly and producing accurate results.  Manufacturers most commonly recommend gas monitors be recalibrated every 180 days, but recalibration points can be easily reset if your company has more stringent standards.

How can we help?

Accurate Safety Compliance offers in-house calibration, service, and repair for all types of manufacturer's portable gas detectors, especially BW Technologies and MSA.  Please know that the only way to absolutely guarantee that an instrument will accurately and reliably detect gas is to bump test and calibrate gas monitors with a known concentration of gas that is specific to the manufacturer and type. 

ASC expert third party services will expose your instrument to the correct mixture of certified known concentration test gas to show whether the sensors respond accurately and whether the instrument alarms are functioning properly.  Calibration with a standard certified gas concentration will update the instrument's reference points and ensure that the instrument will continue to produce precise readings. 

Our professional Industrial Hygiene Technicians will ensure that all products are calibrated, serviced, and repaired to manufacturers' specifications in accordance with all relevant standards.  All instrumentation is performance checked and any servicing is accompanied with essential detailed Calibration Certificates in order to be compliant with all policies, regulations, rules, and/or standards.

Our experience, honesty, credentials, and reliability can assure you that your safety equipment is functioning at the highest possible level.  We are eager to simply assist you with any recommendations, users_idance, questions, or concerns on your existing equipment, or sales of new equipment in order to suit your specific needs.

Can I perform the Service myself?

Yes, all gas monitors are manufactured for ease of use and ease of service, some more than others, but all detectors come with a users manual that will walk you through the basics or troubleshooting.

Why is my monitor not working?

A gas monitor could simply need to be cleaned up or recharged, or it could be damaged, out of service, or have calibration drift which can occur due to many factors:
  • normal degradation of sensors over time
  • exposure to extreme temperature and humidity conditions
  • exposure to high levels of the target gases
  • harsh storage and handling conditions such as being dropped, left on the dashboard of your truck in the sun, or being submerged in liqusers_id
How to Select the Right Gas Detection Solution
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