HR, Ethics, and Compliance

Do you need to meet your Ethics and Compliance training requirements? Are you a Training, Compliance, or HR Manager?  We offer compliance training courses individually or in our library format with a free Learning Management System for your employees.

Your Employees and Human Resources professionals need to know the regulations affecting employment practices.

ASC's Human Resources, Ethics, and Compliance courses address employee performance issues as well as regulations affecting employment practices.  The Human Resources series consists of many different courses including: Sexual Harassment, Diversity in the Workplace, Coaching and Counseling, and E-mail Etiquette.

Regulatory topics include: Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Ethics), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) which includes minimum wage, overtime, and child labor laws for all employers.


Banking & Financial Compliance

Ethics & Code of Conduct

Corporate Compliance

HR Compliance

Information Security Awareness & Privacy

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Most Popular Courses for HR, Ethics & Compliance

Conflicts of Interest

registerConflict of interest in one's profession can present itself in many ways. Courses offered in this module present a comprehensive syllabus...Learn more

Preventing Discrimination & Sexual Harassment (Managers)

registerThe failure to create a culture of openness to diversity sometimes has the flipside of discrimination. These courses show the consequences of not...Learn more

Protecting Trade Secrets

registerThese courses examine insider trading, define the role of the "insider, explain the negative impact of this practice on a company...Learn more

Drug Free Workplace

registerThis course discusses the benefits of a drug-free workplace. You will learn the damage caused by drug and alcohol abuse, the advantages of working towards a drug-free workplace and...Learn more

Information Security and Privacy: Information Security (Compliance Spot)

registerIn the borderless information age, privacy and data protection are of paramount concern to individuals and organizations. These courses discuss the role of electronic communication, and...Learn more

 Federal Acquisition Regulation: Procurement Integrity (Compliance Snapshot)

registerThis training presents a comprehensive syllabus with course offerings that cover: the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its subparts...Learn more

Code Mentor

registerEmployees need to know the possible conflicts of interest that their job roles present - and the appropriate steps they need to take in these...Learn more

Understanding Sexual Harassment

registerThis course teaches employees to recognize conduct and circumstances that can give rise to a claim of sexual harassment including those which create a hostile work environment...Learn more

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