Industrial Skills

A rapidly growing number of the workforce is retiring and in turn there is a skill shortage in all industries.

Close the skill shortage gap and train your staff with courses authored by some of the top experts in the industry in the areas of industrial safety and health, industrial maintenance, industrial electricity, power generating system and operations, industrial instrumentation, process systems and operations and industrial machining & welding and more.


  • Instrumentation & Control Series
  • Mechanical Series
  • Foundation Series
  • Electrical Series
  • Combined Cycle Series
  • Industrial Electricity and Electronics

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Most Popular Courses for Industrial Skills


registerLifting heavy loads with cranes can be hazardous if not done right. Learn types of cranes and inspection procedures in this course. Learn more

Valve Fundamentals

registerAll industrial piping systems have valves and fittings, this library helps you understand how valves work and how they determine efficiency and effectiveness of many industrial operations. Learn more

Basic Electricity Principles

registerElectricity is fundamental in industrial maintenance, repair, and operational procedures. It is imperative for anyone who wants to become more efficient and effective at electrical work to understand the users_iding principles behind crucial electrical tasks. Learn more

Combined Cycle Fundamentals

registerCombined cycle power plant efficiency is difficult to achieve without a solid understanding of the various components and factors at play. Having a better perspective about these inner workings can put you a step ahead of potential downtime or troubleshooting issues. Learn more

Bearing Maintenance

registerBearing systems are at the heart of virtually any rotating industrial equipment. Your basic understanding of the proper bearing selection, installation, and lubrication techniques can make all the difference in improving productivity and preventing downtime. Learn more

Programmable Logic Controllers

registerAlmost every industrial plant or facility uses a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to automate critical processes in day-to-day operations. Ask virtually any maintenance supervisor or utilities manager and they’ll agree: A well-maintained PLC is part of effective industrial automation control management. Learn more

Welding Fundamentals

registerWelding operations are present in every industry, but no matter how much welding technologies have evolved since the industrial revolution, skilled welders still remain in demand in every field, including oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, wind energy, power, and automotive. Learn more

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