Noise Exposure Evaluations

Noise Exposure exists everywhere, in every direction, every atmosphere, every occupation, at home, at the office, at a bartball game, and ecspecially in the workplace!  Noise Exposure is something that people, let alone companies, do not typically even consider because noise is so prevelant in our society. 

Excessive Noise Exposure can easily lead to hearing damage and even hearing loss.  Companies who have employees that are exposed to high noise levels must have an active program for protecting the hearing of their people.  Noise induced hearing damage is preventable when controls and personal protection are utilized appropriately.

When Evaluations, Measurements, or Surveys are performed, ASC works closely with the Customer in order to develop a clear understanding of what type and what level of evaluation is needed. 

Do you need the entire facility measured, a specific area of your location checked, a certain person or group of workers to be evaluated, we can do it!

How we can help

  • Utilize calibrated equipment to perform and conduct Noise Exposure Evalution
  • Customize Noise Exposure Evalution to be as detailed as needed
  • Document every reading and can use your forms or ours 
  • Assist in developing engineering controls by identifying noise sources and controlling frequencies
  • Develop Hearing Conservation Plans in compliance with OSHA requirements

What type of Evaluations can ASC perform?

  • Walkaroung Surveys
  • Area Measurements
  • Workshift Surveys
  • Personnel Monitoring

How do I know what 85 decibels or 85 dB sounds like?

  • Rule of thumb, if someone is standing next to you and you cannot understand what they are saying
  • Use a Sound Level Meter or Dosimeter

What does OSHA say?

  • Noisy conditions can make normal conversations difficult.
  • When noise levels are above 80 decibels (dB), people have to speak very loudly.
  • When noise levels are between 85 and 90 dB, people have to shout.
  • When noise levels are greater than 95 dB, people have to move close together to even hear each other at all.

Noise Exposure Defined by OSHA

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