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On Site Safety ConsultantsDo you need a safety presence on site?  Do you need someone on location day in and day out?  Do you need an extra set of eyes to move between multiple locations?  Do you need someone to attend Contractor Safety Meetings for Operators on your behalf?  ASC can help!

How we can help

1 hour to 12 hours to 24 hours a day, one or seven days a week, short term or long term projects, we have a directory of safety professionals in the queue ready to fulfill any of your safety needs today!

ASC is to work with and even easier to work for!  We can be as invloved as you need us to be, we can simply be a factoring firm or we can be your entire safety department.  ASC turns Consultants Billing around quickly, we provide all experience levels of Consultants, we have the insurance to meet requirements for any project, and we are creative and flexible enough to be able to customize a plan for your Company in order to help you achieve your safety goals. 

Our Safety Consultants will help you establish a safe, healthy, and secure environment and culture by strengthening employee awareness and making safe activities a proactive behavior versus a reactive habit.

Being aware of your workplace hazards and understanding ways to eliminate them can only improve your operations and the management of your company.  You will get professional recommendations, users_idance, and assistance on the mitigation of workplace hazards.  Your company will definitely benefit from our On-Site Safety Consultants coaching, observations, documentation, reporting, training, etc. 

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