Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

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Incident - something that occurs casually in connection with something else.

The workforce now classifies everything as an incident rather than an accident regardless if anybody was injured, but why? An accident implies that you had no control over the outcome versus an incident that implies maybe you could have prevented it and an incident doesn't necessarily mean that someone was injured.

All incidents have consequences or outcomes and are due to unexpected reactions from people, equipment, materials, or the environment and all incidents should be reported immediately to your direct supervisor no matter how minor they may appear.

When an incident occurs, an investigation needs to be performed immediately in order for the root causes to be identified. We need to know what exactly happened!

ASC can help you in determining the causes, as well as developing a plan of action to prevent the incident from happening again, because the main objective of reporting and investigating is to prevent future incidents.

Generally during the investigation we discover that the employee either did not recognize the hazard or they did not receive appropriate training in the task or equipment.

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